Monday, October 17, 2016

Operation Murphy's Law

Remember that time I titled my post Back with a Vengeance (aka last week)! and then...nothing. Ha! I should know better than to tempt fate like that! Of course what happened was my kids got sick, and my tooth starting aching, and all of the sudden my week was gone. Seriously. Murphy's Law is evil.

So, no fancy promises this time, but I haven't forgotten about you. As soon as Murphy helps me locate my nice camera's cord (curse you Murphy!) I will upload some photos of my very in progress new house.

Until then, how about some pins that have been inspiring me this week as I work on a variety of edesigns for clients. Their styles' range from ultra-sleek and modern, to cozy Fixer Upper inspired rooms. It makes for a fun job!


via Dwell

Monday, October 10, 2016

Back with a vengeance!

Hello again! It's been a long while, like possibly 500 years in blog years, but the good news is that I have definitely not been lazing about! I've been busy busy. In the time that I spent ignoring this blog, we moved! So for months leading up to and following that major life change I was busy reorganizing, decluttering, finishing up projects, and then staging our last home. (Which was all worth it, seeing as how we had multiple above price offers on the same day we listed!) And then it has been more of the same with settling it to our new home--plus all of the work of getting our kids settled in new schools. It's been crazy busy! Add to that the fact that I also started working with four new edesign clients, and I guess you could say life has been full!

So, there's my excuses. Forgiven, right??

First, let's talk new house.

We loved our old house SO much. It was hard to leave. I loved my kitchen (disclosure, I miss it). I loved that it was a ranch style (disclosure, my legs miss not having stairs). But we absolutely love our new house too. It was the right move for our family, and the best part is that we have a huge backyard that we enjoy immensely. When you live in the South, the outdoors really are another room for a good part of the year. So having a private, big yard has been a dream come true for us. 

This would probably be a good place to post some pictures. I don't actually have that many! I've spent so long working on the kitchen (which we hope to remodel in the next six months or so) that I've sort of slacked in that area. 

So here is one picture of the exterior. The shutters and door need to be repainted badly, and I want to eventually add some sort of portico or front porch. But the to-do lists never end with me! :) 

There's so much to catch you up on that I've realized I can't possibly do it in this one post.

So. New idea. Over the next few days, how about we take a tour of my new house? I'll show you some befores. I have a few "afters/in progress" pictures. And I'll tell you some of my plans. That way you can sort of take the journey with me as we make this home our own over time. I'll try to tackle a room a day. This will be the week of the new house. Sound good?

And then, once we get that done, I'll tell you all about the awesome people I've been working hard with over the last few months to come up with plans for their spaces. We've got some fun makeovers coming. So stay tuned!