Thursday, May 19, 2016

Budget Laundry Room Makeover

This little makeover was done in a really short amount of time with just paint and some molding. I added the rug to cover the less than beautiful linoleum, and added some black and white photos of my kids feet when they were babies because it made me happy. :) Honestly, that's what I really love about design though--making the space personal and reflective of the people who live there!

 Sadly, this is the only "before" photo I have! Just picture your average laundry room between the garage and rest of the home. It was grungy and the walls were scuffed.
 We added a "board and batten" type look by merely putting up some vertical boards and then topping it with another piece of mdf, and then painted the wall and boards all white! Easy and extremely cheap, it probably only cost us about $10 for the boards.

Sweet and simple, but lots of bang for your buck! My favorite combo ha!

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