Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tiny Water Closet Makeover

Once again, I'm showing some past makeovers--mostly from our Charleston home. These were accomplished with just a little paint and items I already had.

The overall finish isn't fancy, but I think a lot of folks have these tiny toilet closet type rooms and don't know how to make them look less drab. I wanted to do a little something to give it a bit of style. I went against my usual inclinations with small rooms and made one of the walls darker, but in the end I thought it brought at least a little personality to the room.

No windows + tiny space= impossible to get a good photo

 We added some shelves to draw your eye up to the tall ceilings and utilize some of the vertical space (the only space available ha)

 We also added a little shelf above the toilet as an extra little touch. Like I said, not earth-shattering, but better! Next up, the laundry room in our last house.

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